That’s How I Breathe Dad!

As I write this, I am watching my youngest ‘Grand Gal’ while her mom and sister are at a school event, and her dad is working (from home). She is constantly asking questions. When her father was about her age, I asked him… “Michael, why do you ask so many questions?”  He said “That’s how I breathe dad”. She is her father’s daughter and I am a man most blessed. We have a Heavenly Father, who never tires of our questions and has already given us the answers. 


Over the last few days, I have been meditating through those glorious verses in Acts 2:29-39. They are staggering and have literally been burning in my heart.  Please take time to meditate through them; and while you are at it do a concordance search on “the right hand.”  Put your seat belt on before you read through them!!  Psalm 110 is the fountainhead for more NT quotes than any other OT verses. 


Oh… and by the way… I am looking forward to our online study in Ecclesiastes as we finish off chapter 5. Wed. 7 PM YouTube/City Bible Church SSM


In His grip,

Pastor Bill