Revelation Revealed: The Church Under Attack

Hello All,


This week’s study promises to be a great time in God’s Word.  As I have studied, I have seen some things that I have not noticed before.  Join us live at 7 PM on Wednesday. 


Knee Mail:

Please pray for the following needs:

  • A young lady with cancer spreading through her body.  Pray for her to come to faith in Christ.  Pray for her husband and son.
  • Restoration of marriages.
  • A university student who has started having grand mal seizures and is on a ventilator in ICU unresponsive.
  • Pray for Leahann Charlebois (serious heart condition)
  • Steven Woods (My cousin in Alberta) having open heart surgery on Wed., then as soon as he is able, he needs his thyroid removed, all to be able to give him a kidney transplant.
  • Pray for Don McLeod (Glen and Audrey’s son) dealing with serious health issues.
  • Pray for those that mourn (July family, Barton family, Smith family, McLean family)
  • A young man to find his way past anxiety and depression
  • Pray for the lost, the lonely.
  • Pray for those battling addiction
  • Pray for those in authority over us
  • Pray for those frontline workers as the number of those positive covid tests rise
  • Pray for the vulnerable
  • Pray for revival in our country


Please let us know if you want something added to the list. 


Ask The Pastor:

If you have any questions we can help you with, you can send them to me at this email address, or by text.


Men’s Wednesday morning prayer time:

Meet at the church at 10:00 AM.  Short devotion followed by prayer…


Our Sunday morning messages continue online at 9 am and in house at 10:30 (please register online at This week we continue to look at some of the Apostle Paul’s life from the book of Acts.


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In His grip,


Pastor Bill