Revelation Revealed: Israel My Glory

We were created to know three worlds – the spiritual, psychological, and material worlds.  These can be considered the world above us, the world within us, and the world around us. These worlds are related to the three parts of our human nature – spirit, soul and body.
When we are rightly related to the material world with our body, we are healthy.  When we are rightly related to the psychological world with our soul, we are happy. When we are rightly related to the spiritual world in your spirit, we are holy. God’s plan for each of us is to experience all three realities, health, happiness and holiness.
I am so grateful that in spite of ‘lockdown‘ and the pandemic world we face, we can find each of these realities if our lives are centered on Him and His Word. Join us this week for our Wednesday evening study in Revelation 12, live at 7 PM.  And on Sunday morning for ‘City Bible Church @ Home‘. 
Knee Mail: How can we pray for you???  Send along any prayer requests and we will knit our hearts together to bring them before the LORD. 
Revelation Revealed: This week we look at ‘Israel My Glory’ in chapter 12.
City Bible Church @ Home: Sunday morning after 9 AM. This week – ‘Facing Life’s Trials’
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In Christ alone,
Pastor Bill