Nehemiah: Personal Opposition

Greetings to all,

What a wonderful time of year.  The anticipation, the joy, the time spent with those we love.  This morning as I write this, I am at my desk in my study at the church, where I just chose to celebrate communion. Believe it or not, the emblems I used were ‘Tie-plates & Coffee’.   
What some of you don’t know, is that I have a thing I do with the children on Sunday morning before they go out to Junior Church. I call it ‘PT’s Treasure Box‘. Each week the box goes to someone, a child 1 week and an adult the next, and they are tasked with putting three things in the box, and I have no idea what they are until I open the box in front of them. I am then ‘tasked’ with bringing ‘biblical application‘ to whatever I find in the box. The exercise does a number of things, but most of all it allows me to connect with the children in a fun sort of way. Most (including the adults) look forward to what is in the box. There are three rules for what goes into the box. 1) It needs to fit in the box. 2) It can’t be alive.  3) Butter tarts work…  because they are God’s most perfect food.
This past week my young friend Christian, put a nerf dart, a vitamin ‘D’ capsule and two tie plates. (Thank you Sandra) I came into the study this morning with my coffee and found the tie plates on my desk. It filled my heart with gratitude. I felt it was the perfect time to ‘Remember the Lord…    His broken body and shed blood‘. Chuck Swindoll tells of a time when he and a group of teens remembered the Lord on a beach with popcorn and Pepsi. They are ‘emblems‘.
The Christmas season is a great opportunity to not only remember His birth, but also share the ‘Perfect Gift’ with the world. I trust you find His Peace in His presence. 
Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.                     Isaiah 7:14
Nehemiah: Personal Opposition
Our Wed. night study in Nehemiah brings us to chapter 6. This week we see that a group of men are trying to create a compromise in Nehemiah. Join us at 7 PM either at the church or online as we learn how to ‘handle opposition‘.
City Bible Church @ Home: Wounded: What To Do When You’re A Target
Sunday Morning online at 9 AM,  we will be looking further into the broken relationship of David and Saul, and what to do when there is a target on our back. 
Sunday @ City:
We look forward to gathering together Sunday morning at 10:30, to worship in ‘Spirit and in Truth
Sunday Night: A Study In Proverbs
Matt and Sandra are leading us through the book of Proverbs. Join us at the church at 7 PM. 
Knee Mail:
Please send along any prayer requests you have. Our greatest joy is approaching the Throne of Grace with the things that are on our hearts.

In His grip

Pastor Bill