MOTHER’S DAY message

Chuck Swindoll tells about seeing a Mother’s Day card that was really cute.  It was a great big card, written in a little child’s printing. Little, first grade printing.  On the front was a little boy with laces on his running shoes untied.  He had a wagon, and there were toys everywhere.  He had a little cut on his face, and there was a smudge all over the card.  It read: “Mom, I remember that little prayer you used to pray for me every day’.  (On the inside was the prayer…)  ‘God help you if you ever do that again’.

I’m not sure if the times that we’re in allow you to see your mom, or if your children are able to see you, but I hope you will join us tomorrow for a message from God’s Word, about ‘An Old Fashioned Mom’.


In Christ alone,

Pastor Bill