How To Have An ‘Ashre’ New Year

Happy New Year,


God gave His Word, and He meant what He said!!!


The Bible is very clear about it – Jesus Christ is coming to earth again!!!  Over 300 times His first coming was specifically predicted in the Word of God. The details of His life were told out, prophesied in stunning clarity in God’s Word years before He came. We have the Septuagint (LXX), the Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, written down about 250 BC…   irrefutably proving that the prophecies were given hundreds of years before Jesus came.


The odds against even eight of these 300 prophecies being fulfilled as they were are 1 in 10 to the 17th power. That’s a ten with 17 zeroes following it! He came to fulfill the Word of God. The amazing thing is that there were twice as many prophecies of His second coming as there were His first! In our day the signs of His imminent coming multiply! What a comfort this is for God’s people. He came before “as it is written” and He will come again “as it is written.” What a comfort and hope, and what a provocation to worship. Worship Him, the infinitely merciful and holy Eternal One! How blessed to be exhorted by the Scriptures and meditate on 1 John 2:28 through 1 John 3: 1-3. “Blessed assurance, Jesus is Mine, Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine.” 


This week at City:


Nehemiah: Jerusalem’s Urban Alternative

Nehemiah 7: 5-73 is the passage we hope to cover this week. This is a fascinating passage to me because it deals with ‘Urban Ministry’. As City Bible Church, we deal with people in the city. Wednesday @ 7 PM at the church or live online at YouTube/City Bible Church SSM


Sunday @ City: How To Have An ‘Ashre’ New Year

Psalm 1 begins with a ‘Blessing’ The word in the Hebrew is ‘Ashre’ and it is plural. What a great way to begin our New Year, by focusing on the blessing the year ahead holds. We gather at the church at 10:30.


City Bible Church @ Home: 

Join us on our YouTube channel after 9 AM. YouTube/City Bible Church SSM 


Sunday Night @ City: Study in Proverbs

Join Matt & Sandra @ 7 PM at the church.


For His Kingdom Purpose,

Pastor Bill