Hope That Leads To Commitment (1 John 2 & 3)

Hello to each of you…

When we speak of revival, there seems to be conflicted perspectives.  From where I stand, the goal of it all is to see a deeper relationship with the Lord.  It’s not about getting more of Him, we get ALL of Him when we are saved.  No, revival brings us to the place where we want to be ALL in.  To give Him more of us.  That kind of relationship is contagious.  The people in our lives see the reality of that close personal relationship, and the ‘Joy of the Lord’ they witness in us, is contagious.

Can you imagine a young Israelite boy born in the wilderness, born during their forty years there? He hears people talk about Egypt, what it used to be. He hears about Canaan, what it ought to be. His folks have come out of Egypt, but God brought them out that He might bring them in…to Canaan. But now for forty years, they are going around in circles! This kid looks around—his mom and his dad are not living in Canaan; they’re not living in victory. What is he to think?

What about in your home? In your life in Christ, are you just circling around? Stuck in a rut? Off in the ditch? Or do your loved ones  see a vibrant, personal relationship with the God who parted the Red Sea and is answering your prayers today? Do your children catch you on your knees?

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