Finding God In The Ordinary Of Motherhood

Ordinary looks different to all of us, based on our habits, challenges and family dynamics. Regardless of our differences, we have much in common. We encounter eye rolls, giggles and time outs. Often our work as referees, chauffeurs, stylists, chefs and maids goes unnoticed. Much of our job is to just show up to comfort, encourage, course-correct or listen.

Motherhood is predictably unpredictable. It’s immediately clear we cannot control our kids. The certainty of change is actually part of the ordinary. It changes daily, but hugs, tears, frustration, illnesses and surprises make up the ordinary.

Our ordinary.

When the days run together, where do we find God in our ordinary?

He’s in all of it.

Connecting with God

It’s tempting to think God only shows up in big, difficult or aha moments, but that’s a lie. God doesn’t take breaks; He’s an all the time God, working in our ordinary in extraordinary ways. When ordinary days feel repetitive or underwhelming, take heart! Together, we can find God in the most ordinary days.

To find God in our ordinary, we need to fix our eyes on Him. Starting the day in the Word and in prayer tethers our hearts to Him. Then, an ongoing conversation of praise, requests and thanksgiving keeps us connected all day. Short prayers, worship music and recalling Scriptures helps us set our minds and hearts on Him. We see more of God because we expect Him. God is accessible, dwelling in our hearts.

How will you fix your eyes on Him today?

Finding God in ordinary tasks

Moms get stuff done. Some tasks remain perpetually on our to-do lists because our families wear clothes and eat. Yet, God can be found in repetitive, ordinary tasks.

We vacuum to care for His gifts and cook to feed His children. When our hearts desire to serve God, we glorify Him. To this end, He equips us, teaching humility and perseverance along the way.

God models faithful stewardship in creation; watering plants, feeding animals and holding everything together. Praise God, we don’t sustain the universe! However, we are entrusted with our families and homes.

As we feed, clothe and clean, we follow His example. Will you invite God into your ordinary chores and errands today?

Finding God as we delight in our children

Is there any better sound than a child’s giggle? I remember the first time each of our children laughed. Baby giggles are addictive; parental addicts will do anything for their next fix, no matter how ridiculous they look. We delight in our child’s laughter, discoveries and successes because we delight in them. This love is incomparable; they’re part of us.

The same is true of God, our Father. Just as we delight in our children, God delights in us (Zephaniah 3:17). We glimpse God’s perfect love through our imperfect love for our children. Our imperfection only magnifies His perfection.

Will you thank God and marvel at the depth and breadth of God’s perfect, limitless love for you as you delight in your child today?

Finding God in our failures

There are no perfect moms. Unfortunately, messing up is our ordinary. Each of us has weak spots of impatience, selfishness, overreactions or self-reliance. Consequently, we all miss opportunities to show grace and love.

Though it’s ordinary to sin, God’s forgiveness is never ordinary. Grace is always undeserved, costly and profound. Despite our worst moments, God is still ready to forgive and show us a better way. Every fresh start reveals God’s presence in our ordinary.

Finding God through our struggles

Some days are hard. Moms get tired and overwhelmed and wrestle with mom guilt and discouragement. These weaknesses reveal our need for God. He responds to our desperate pleas for patience and wisdom when we’re flabbergasted. And God provides strength and hope when we’re exhausted and discouraged. Furthermore, He calls us to rest in Him (Matthew 11:28-30).

God uses ordinary things like insurmountable laundry piles, dinnertime complaints, sibling squabbles, or sleep-stealing nightmares to make us more like Jesus. When we just finished cleaning and the toddler starts throwing Legos, we find God among flying bricks and giggles. Of course, not all messes are easy to pick up; big kids have bigger problems. Still, whatever challenge our ordinary days hold, God gives us grace for the child who made the mess along with patience and perseverance to help pick up the pieces.

My natural response to a child’s unwarranted sass doesn’t resemble the fruit of the Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit to equip us to respond in ways we couldn’t otherwise. Any time God supplies love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness or self-control (Galatians 5:22-23), we see Him. Do you recognize Him?

Finding God in our children’s gifts

God created our children with eternity in mind. He gave them unique abilities, skills and personalities. Moms have a front row seat to extraordinary things God is doing in and through our children! 

Your child’s struggles grow their character, developing faith, endurance and compassion. As God refines your child’s gifts and abilities, you’re invited to join Him. You’ll guide leadership qualities in a strong-willed child or encourage discernment and wisdom in a cautious child. Seemingly ordinary or challenging traits in your child may be God’s handiwork. Will you ask God to show you these gifts?

Finding God in the ordinary days of motherhood

Whatever today holds, we can approach motherhood with the desire to do it all in the Name of Jesus, giving thanks to God (Colossians 3:17). Comforting your child’s nighttime fears, preparing meals, sharing God’s faithfulness and setting boundaries for screen time is work given to you on purpose, by God. No day is ordinary in the presence of the extraordinary God!

Lord, we thank and praise You for Your steadfast love. You are faithful to supply what we need and forgive us with unwarranted grace. You’ve promised to be with us always; help us seek and recognize You in our ordinary days. Teach us to live in constant connection to You, thanking You for our families and homes. Equip us with Your Spirit to reflect Your character in our responses to challenges and struggles. Help us rely on You and not our own intellect or strength. Thank You for calling us to motherhood and giving us these children to raise. Lord, they’re Yours before they’re ours. It’s our heart’s desire for our children to know and love You. Today, we fix our eyes on You and ask You to reveal Your presence in this ordinary day.