Friday, October 14, 2022

Greetings all,


I know we are past Thanksgiving, but we can never be past giving thanks to the mighty God we serve. The following testimony came from Dr. Jeremiah this week and I felt needed to share it with you. We have been praying against the war in the Ukraine, and it is encouraging to hear how He is glorified, in the midst of such devastation.


“I put my hope in Christ alone. No amount of foreign aid, government, or power can resolve the situation we find ourselves in now. I’ve lost my son, husband, and brother to this war. Amid my suffering and hopelessness, I found refuge. I found hope to continue and raise my two girls. I wasn’t a Christian before this war, and it seems ironic that I would find God in the darkest hour, but my heart found a peace I’ve never experienced. I’d tried all the eastern religions and found nothing but emptiness. It happened most strangely, too – watching tv, crying, not knowing how to go on. There was a program teaching about Jesus and how amazing He was. While the man was talking, my heart was pounding, and I couldn’t shake the deep knowledge that I needed the Jesus he was talking about. That was the Turning Point in my life and, ironically, the program’s name. It’s still very hard at times, but now I have hope and a future.” ~ Svetlana, Mariupol, Ukraine


Join us Sunday morning after 9 AM ‘From The Pastor’s Study as we continue our journey through John’s Gospel. YouTube/ City Bible Church SSM. Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:30 at our Melville Rd. location.


We will not be here next week which means the YouTube video won’t be available. Our special guests at the church, Peter and Candis Kent, will minister in both the Word and special music. Their love for the Lord and His people is a banner they fly high in their lives. To know them is to love them. Be sure to make a point to be here to encourage them.


In His grip

Pastor Bill