Well after 12 weeks of City Bible Church @ Home, we are excited to announce a ‘Parking Lot Service’ for this Sunday, June 14th., starting at 11:00 AM.  

We are going to continue with our online presence and hope you will be with us on Wed. at 7, and for those who can’t make it on Sunday, the message will be put up on YouTube by 9 AM.

Knee Mail

I think the reason we don’t pray with frequency and fervency today is because we think we can do things on our own without prayer.  And you know what the devil does?  He stands in the corner and smirks. He says, “You can have your buildings, your choirs, your preacher—have everything you want. You can even have your Bible studies, as long as you leave out prayer.” Satan knows the power of God that comes with the kind of fervent prayer that will not take no for an answer.

We encourage you to send us your prayer requests for Wed.  You can send them to citybiblessm@gmail.com or call me at (705) 255-1959.

In Christ alone,

Pastor Bill