A man,  driving through a small town, stopped for a break.  He saw one of the towns people and asked, “This is a beautiful little place —any great men born here?” The man said, “No…. Just babies.”

As we honour  our fathers this week, we are reminded of the responsibility that goes with the privilege.  Our Goal as Dads, is to help our sons and daughters become all they can be in the Lord.

As I mentioned in our Wed. night Study, we need to take a step back from gathering, until we have a plan in place that meets all the directives for a public gathering of worship.  As it is supposed to be a rainy day, (and I don’t want to be ‘wired’ in the rain) we will use the time to put our plan in place.  Our priority is your protection, and following the rules mandated by Algoma Health, the province, and our insurance company.

Please join us for a very special message/challenge from God’s word…

   YouTube/ City Bible Church SSM

   In Christ alone,

   Pastor Bill