Encourage One Another

Greetings all,


We live in a day and time when the Christian message is despised by many. In many respects, we bear the responsibility of that as Christians.  But I am here to tell you that there is nothing that can separate you from the love of God. If He is in your heart, there is nothing that anyone can do to separate you from His love. God uses even the intolerance of others to bring glory and honour to His name. Intolerance towards Christianity is on the rise. We all feel it. But, what does the bible have to say about it, and how should we respond to it?


There is nothing out there than will allow us to push back against the wickedness of the world. Apart from a major revival, there is no turning back. The issue is not ‘How do we stop it from happening?’, the issue is ‘How do we respond as Christians?’ Paul told the Philippians that suffering was a gift. God will use it to build character and teach us to be able to stand strong in the midst of it. What I’m saying is that it is not easy to be a Christian. It takes commitment. AW Tozier said, “To be right with God, often means to be in trouble with man”.


Why would the enemies of Christianity bother anyone who is not living Godly in Christ Jesus? I say all of that to say this…     We need each other!!!  The church needs the church! You can’t make it on your own. It is in the church that we are encouraged and equipped for the walk of faith. Christianity is not meant to be lived solo. That’s why the Book of Hebrews tells us not to ‘forsake the assembling of ourselves together.’ Don’t stay home. Come to church. Have you ever thought about why that is??? The rest of the verse says… ‘encouraging one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching’. It is saying: ‘Go to church… encourage one another… and do it even more as you see the day approaching. (The day of the Lord. The rapture.) We should be doing it more and more but we are doing it less and less. ‘Go to church


This week, we continue in our journey through the Gospel of John to discover ‘Who is this Jesus’. We look at Disappointment and Worship from chapter 2: 13-25. Sunday at 10:30 for a wonderful time of praise and worship around His Holy Word.


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In His grip,

Pastor Bill