Clutching the Bag – Breaking the Box

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,

but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.   1st. Cor. 1:18

At this time of year, our focus is turned to the events surrounding the cross. The cross means a lot of things to people. For some it is jewelry. For some it is a ‘good luck charm. I remember hearing a story after Hurricane Hugo ripped through Charleston S.C., in 1989, of a  construction crew finding hidden treasure. While cleaning up the rubble in a decimated church, they saw the cross still standing. Unable to move it, even with a crane, they discovered that it was filled with pure gold inside of the cross. Evidently, during the American Civil War people melted down their gold and hid it there to keep it from invading troops. 
The cross of Christ is a place of true spiritual treasure for those who believe in Him. But as the Apostle Paul points out, ‘It is foolishness’ to those headed for destruction. 
Sunday @ City:
I hope you will join us around the cross, beginning this Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. The message is ‘Clutching the Bag – Breaking the Box’ from John 12. The message will be on YouTube / City Bible Church SSM by 9 AM. 
Sunday Night: 
Our time around the Word begins at 7 PM with our time of praise and worship and testimony. The message is from Joshua 23: 1-16, entitled,  ‘Leaving a Legacy’.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study:
We continue to look at the life of Samuel, led by Matt and Sandra, beginning at 7 PM.
Good Friday:
Our annual Good Friday service begins with breakfast (prepared by the men) at 9 AM, followed by a service with special music, and a message entitled ‘Thank God It’s Friday’. All are welcome…
Easter Sunday: 
‘Resurrection Sunday’, promises to be God honouring and uplifting as we celebrate the fact that He is risen!!! Join us at 10:30 for our worship service with special music and a challenging message from Isaiah 53. ‘The Suffering Servant’.
Knee Mail:
Again, it is our hope that you will allow us to come alongside of you, before the Throne, to pray for you and those you love.
In Christ. alone,
Pastor Bill