“Where did she go?  How did she get there?  Will I see her again?”

Krys and I first met her and her husband Arnold, some 20 years ago while volunteering at the Northern Treatment Centre. We were part of a ministry team that took the Gospel to the inmates there.  We got to know them a little more over the next few years, even sitting at the same table during appreciation dinners.  A few years later we would meet again, as I became her pastor at Bethel Bible Chapel.  She re-introduced herself as ‘Gramma Joey’.  Arnold had passed a few years before, and that’s when I heard those words…   “Where did she go?  How did she get there?  Will I see her again?”  
Krys and I had gone to visit her, she sat beside me and said…   “Where did she go? How did she get there? Will I see her again?”  I had to ask what she was talking about.  She said; “That’s my funeral message, and I want you to preach it.”  Over the last few years she has reminded me of that and as recently as 3 months ago reminded her family as well. 
She was a firecracker, who never let an opportunity go by to share the Lord and His Word with anyone and everyone  she met.  She moved from her home to Pathways Retirement Home at age 100.  Just two weeks ago she needed to move again, to the Davey Home for more care.  Yesterday at 2:20 she joined Arnold, and many of her family and loved ones, in the presence of her Lord and Savior. Gramma Joey was 104. On Saturday, I will have the honour of standing before a group of about 60 people to tell them where she went, how she got there, and to ask them to make sure they will see her again.
Knee Mail:
Please pray for us as we honour Joan Summers (Gramma Joey) at her celebration of life on Saturday.  Also, we would love to have the privilege to pray for you and those you love. Contact us with any prayer requests.
I’m not going to promise, but there is a good chance we will finish off chapter 22 this week. Join us for bible study Wednesday at 7 PM live. 
Over the past several months both in our Revelation study, as well as Sunday morning, I have made reference to Genesis chapter 3.  This Sunday we will look at God’s Curse and God’s Grace. it will be on our YouTube channel by 9 AM.
We are planning to gather at the church (60 Melville Road) for services, beginning on Father’s Day, June 20.  With the number being 15% of capacity, we will hold 2 services (9:30 & 11:00) to be able to accommodate everyone. You will be contacted by phone to register you for a time that works for you.  This will only be for 2 weeks as we hope to be able to get to our regular numbers by the first Sunday in July. 
 If we do not have your phone number please contact the church at 705-942-1064 to be registered.
*** We will continue putting our messages up on our YouTube channel both Wednesday and Sunday.
In His grip,
Pastor Bill