Greetings Church,


We are looking forward to being together again, both Wednesday evening at 7 PM, and on Sunday morning as we gather together to worship in ‘Spirit and Truth’.  It has been said that we are ‘Spiritual Beings in a Human existence’ not ‘Human Beings in a Spiritual existence.’  In this time of virtual gathering, it is good to know that we do indeed worship in ‘Spirit and in  Truth’.


As we continue to study through the book of Revelation, we will look at ‘The Church That Left It’s First Love’, beginning in chapter 2 and verse 1, the church at Ephesus. 


Knee Mail:

Please send along any prayer requests you have.  We continue to pray for…

  • A young lady with cancer spreading through her body.  Pray for her to come to faith in Christ.  Pray for her husband and son.
  • Restoration of a marriage.
  • Pray for Leahann Charlebois (serious heart condition)
  • Pray for those that mourn (July family, Barton family, Smith family, McLean family)
  • A young man to find his way past anxiety and depression
  • Pray for the lost, the lonely.
  • Pray for those battling addiction
  • Pray for those in authority over us
  • Pray for those frontline workers as the number of those positive covid tests rise
  • Pray for the vulnerable
  • Pray for revival in our country


Ask The Pastor:

If you have any questions you would like to find answers for, let us try to help.


Men’s Prayer Meeting:

Calling all men!!! If you, or anyone you know would like to join us for prayer on Wed. morning,  we will practice safe distancing and wear a face mask, and gather at the church at 60 Melville Rd, at 10 AM.



Our Sunday morning messages continue online. This week we will look at some of the Apostle Paul’s life from the book of Acts.


You can find us at…


YouTube/ City Bible Church SSM


In Christ alone,

Pastor Bill