Greetings all,

Here we are already on the ‘far side’ of Thanksgiving (Canada).  Time marches/races on…
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. Isn’t that right? But, you have to go through something to get something.  Sometimes the choice is not ours to make as to whether we go through it or not. Ultimately, God’s will is sovereign, and we will be where He determines we need to be, one way or the other. Such was the case with Jonah. 
The Man Called Dove (Failure or Hero)
Tonight we will look at the second part of the story of Jonah, as told by Krys. (Thank you sweetie for filling in for me for these two weeks…  back to Nehemiah next week) You can join us at the church at 7 PM or live online at… YouTube/City Bible Church SSM
 City Bible Church @ Home: ‘An Attitude of Gratitude’
Join us online Sunday morning as we look at Paul’s exhortation to the Colossians to be thankful in all things. Message will be up by 9 AM at YouTube/ City Bible Church SSM
Prescription For Joy: Restoring The Soul
Our time together in our worship service at the church, will be back in our series from Psalm 23.  To date, we have looked at the symptoms, the source and the solution to things that add stress to our lives, Worry and business. This week we see how the ‘Prescription For Joy’ brings restoration to the human soul.  Join us at 10:30.
Sunday Night Bible Study: Jesus In A Secular World
Matt and Sandra are leading us through a great practical study on presenting Christ to the world we live in. We hope to have you join us at 7 PM.
Knee Mail
Can we come alongside you in praying for those things you need brought before the Lord? We count it a privilege to bring you and those you love to the Throne of Grace.  Please feel free to contact us with those requests.
In His grip
Pastor Bill