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As we continue our study in Matthew chapter 5, the Lord Jesus gives us these ‘Beatitudes’ which are really ‘attitudes that should be.  They are not platitudes, but rather attitudes that deal with and develop our Christian character.  Really, they are foundation stones with which to build our lives and homes.  The Beatitudes don’t say…  ‘Blessed is what you have…   or Blessed is what you do…   but rather Blessed is what you are.’
Your reputation is what others think about you, but your character is what God knows about you. All of us are going to die, and when we do, we leave behind all that we have, and all that we’ve done, and take with us all that we are.  It’s our character that is so important.  That’s why it’s more important to seek blessedness than happiness.
Someone has wisely said that a child rejoices in what he has, a youth rejoices in what he does, and an adult rejoices in what he is.  The more mature we are as a Christian, the more we will rejoice, not in what we have, not in what we’ve done, but in what we’ve become through our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Revelation Revealed: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
As we come to chapter 18, the ‘Great Tribulation‘, has come to a close. The most climatic time in the history of the church is about to take place.  Join us live on Wed. at 7 PM.
City Bible Church @ Home: The High Cost of Holy Living 
In the last Beatitude, Jesus talks about persecution.  We will see that there is indeed a ‘High Cost to Holy Living‘. The Word of God makes it very clear that the cost has been covered, it’s already under His feet!!! Join us Sunday morning as we gather around His Word after 9 AM.
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