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Prayerfully waiting on God is indispensable to an effective Christian life.  In the ‘Tyranny of the Urgent‘, Charles Hammel writes…  “When we fail to wait prayerfully for God’s guidance and strength, we are saying,  with our actions if not our lips, that we do not need Him.”  It’s like the ‘time out‘ in a hockey game that enables the players a chance to catch their breath and re-group and look at strategies.  Some people, even Christians, feel it’s a waste of time to simply sit at God’s feet and listen. I pray that you are finding time at the feet of Jesus.
Revelation Revealed: The Babalonian Mother and The Babalonian Monster
Our study this week brings us to chapter 17.  When we started this study a few months ago, it seemed like we would never get this far, but we are here.  Join us Wednesday evening at 7 PM live.  
City Bible Church @ Home: The Disappointment of Denial
This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and the beginning of ‘Passion Week‘.  We will dig into Peter’s denial of the Lord.  We find the account in all 4 of the Gospels, but we will be mostly in Luke 22: 54-62.  The message will be on our YouTube channel by 9 AM.
Knee Mail: 
Once again we want you to know how important it is for us to join with you in praying for those needs in your life.  We encourage you to send in your prayer requests.  
You can find us at…  YouTube/City Bible Church SSM
In Christ alone
Pastor Bill