Greetings to you all,

Here we are, through another week of physical distancing. I hope this finds you all safe.  We have been encouraging you to join us in the ‘3-a-day challenge’, that is, connecting with three people a day to encourage and pray for.  I had the chance this week to share with a young lady who works at the Canadian Tire gas bar.  Please join me in praying for that ‘door of opportunity’ to water that seed that was planted.

The need of the hour, is power in our prayer…

A little girl heard the choir singing that song “God Is Still on the Throne.” She didn’t understand it quite correctly and told someone they were singing “God is still on the phone.”

Well, He is! Thankfully, there’s a heavenly hotline where you and I can talk with the One who scooped out the seas, heaped up the mountains, and flung out the stars.

Prayer—that you and I can talk with God—is the greatest Christian privilege. The omnipotent God has invited us to talk with Him, and He answers our prayers. There is no possible way I could overstate the importance of prayer.

Join us tomorrow morning at 10:30, as we continue our study in the book of Galatians that I call ‘The Grip of Grace’. 


In His grip

Pastor Bill