5 Encouragements for Students Going Back to School

Young child holding stack of books and back to school written on chalk blackboard


To all you students going back to your hallways, textbooks, and cafeteria food — here are five things to consider…

1.  Don’t complain…be thankful. 

You might be complaining — or tempted to complain — about being back in school, but the Scriptures command you — don’t (Philippians 2:14).  You may not understand why you have to study certain subjects, and you may not grasp why reading Frankenstein matters.  And that’s fine — but don’t complain about it because one day you will understand.

Instead, you should be grateful to to God that you are in an education system.  There are many countries in the world where education isn’t valued or provided.  And this often results in a country run on violence, corrpution, drugs, and sin upon sin. These countries are filled with sickness and disease.  While there are many contributiing factors to how these countries became the way they are — be sure that lack of education is a major factor.

Thank God for putting you in a country that forces you to go to school.  If you have parents that value your education — thank them too.

The Scriptures command us to “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will” (1 Thess. 5:18).  We give thanks because we recognize that God orchestrates our lives. You are in school because of God.  So thank Him.

2. Realize that School is teaching you more than what is in books. 

You are learning about Ben Franklin, Napeloan, Plato, Geometry, and Chemistry — but school is teaching you more than facts and figures.  School builds life skills into you.

Your education is teaching you…

Responsibility – You learn responsiblity by…

  • Getting up on time.
  • Getting to school on time.
  • Getting to class on time.
  • Being organized.
  • Doing your homework.
  • Studying hard.
  • Turning projects in on time.
  • Keeping commitments, schedules, & promises.

But here’s the kicker — you actually have to do these things to benefit. If you slack off, chances are you’ll be an irresponsible college student (if you make it that far), and an irresponsible adult.  None of which will bring glory to God (1 Cor. 10:31) or cultivate a lifestyle you are going to want. Sluggards don’t turn into ants — unless they repent.

Your educaiton is also teaching how to…

Love Others – You learn to love others by…

  • Listening to your friends, instead of talking about yourself all of the time.
  • Helping people find their way to their class.
  • Assisting a new kid around the school.
  • Making new students feel comfortable.
  • Introducing others to your group of friends.
  • Making new friends.
  • Sitting by those who are alone at lunch.
  • Being respectful to your classmates.
  • Treating others as you would want to be treated.
  • Being kind and respectful your teachers.
  • Holding the door open for others.
  • Buying lunch for someone who forgot their money.

Being in school presents great opportunies to love others.  School is one of the main areas of your life where you learn it isn’t all about you. You’ll have to work in teams, be around difficult people, learn to lead, learn to follow, etc. All of which is designed to prepare you for life outside of your parents’ home.

3.  God Wants You to be a Missionary to Your School.

If you are a Christian, realize the hours on the bus, in the halls and classrooms are a prime time to tell others about God. God wants you on mission in your school.

Do you ever think about the mission field you are in every day?  Do you want Jesus to be famous in your school? Do you know the kids that need Jesus.  There’s a lot of them. You inviting non Christians to your student ministry? God put you in there lives for a reason.

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are called to let your light shine in the darkness. Where are you suppose to be shining? If you are in band…let your light shine. If you are in football….let your light shine. Tell them, since you love your teammates, that there is more to life than football, stats, college hopes & dreams. Show them Jesus. Tell them about Jesus. Or is football your idol just like theirs?

Matthew 5:16-17.  Read it. Memorize it. Live it.

4. Don’t Ever Forget Your Identity.  

You are not defined by what you do or don’t to. If you are in Christ, you are a child of God.  You are freed, forgiven, loved, & accepted by God.

  • You are not defined by being on varsity.
  • You shouldn’t find your worth in being a cheerleader.
  • Don’t find worth in how many clubs you are a part of.
  • You shouldn’t find your deepest joy in making straight A’s.
  • You can’t allow your life to be wrecked because you are on JV or didn’t make the cut.
  • You can’t allow the fact that you aren’t ‘popular’ or accepted by the ‘in crowd’ to wreck your year.
  • Who cares if you don’t go to dances. When I was in high-school, I only went to one dance. I’m not a freak — at least I don’t think so.
  • Being cool is of no eternal value. It’s not bad, but know that it doesn’t last.

You are accepted by God because of Christ; believe it! Do you want the approval of man more than the approval of God? If yo do, you will make some compromises, you’ll sin, and you’ll have some major regrets.

When your grand teen-age dreams aren’t going your way, trust God. He knows what is best for you; things are going His way.  And that is far better than your way.

5. Lastly, be Faithful to Jesus.  Pursue Holiness. Don’t be a Hypocrite. 

Make the most of this year.  Don’t waste it.  I wasted much of my time in middle school and high school.  I was follower of Jesus, but I wasn’t shining very brightly.  I did on Sunday and Wednesday, but I was a dim, flickering candle other times. There were many times when I was a hypocrite. I’m grieved over those times; I don’t want that for you. But the good news is the Good News. I am forgiven for those times and Jesus loves me — and you — when we blow it. Jesus can help you obey him, and do wildly awesome things for him — that’s the only way it will happen (John 15:5). Ask him.

Be a bright shining beacon of love for your king.  Be faithful to Jesus. Be obsessed with your Bible. High-school is when the Bible came alive to my soul. Many nights I read massive amounts of my Bible and the study notes. My life changed a ton in those years. God was at work in my heart. I love those years. It can happen for you.

Be a holy teenager. Kill your sin. Seek to grow in godliness. Serve in your church. Be faithful to your student ministry. Invite your lost friends. Share the gospel. Be intentional with all of your friendships. Ask the Holy Spirit to do ALL these in your life.

As you go back to school — treasure Jesus above all. Recall these things and live for Him, not just for this school year, but for the rest of your days.