Saving People or Shaking Hands



I heard a preacher use an illustration of a painting of a ship that was sinking. The lifeboats were out on the water, and the people were in the water. One lifeboat had a man leaning over the railing of the boat extending his hand to one of the people in the water.

A man in the water was lifting his hand up. And their hands were about to meet. A little boy came in and he looked at that picture. The picture was meant to illustrate the rescue of the perishing and care for the dying. The little boy studied the picture for a while and then he asked, “Daddy, is that man trying to save those people or is he just shaking hands with them?” 


Every Christian must ask that question of themselves…  Are we really trying to bring people to Jesus Christ? Bringing people to Jesus Christ is the principal duty of every Christian. Jesus Christ did not come first as a great teacher or a great healer. The Bible tells us why He came in Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”


Knee Mail: 

I hope you seriously consider allowing us to pray for you and those you love. I hope to share with you how the Lord is working through our petitioning Him. A year and a half ago we prayed for a young man who had been in a serious accident. Join us to hear how the Lord is working in that situation. Miracle or medical???


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In Him,

Pastor Bill