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In looking at our study this week, we begin in verse 9, and will finish the first chapter.  In verse 9 we find 4 characteristics, that John and his believing readers share: 1) Persecution for their faith. 2) Membership in the redeemed community over which Christ serves as Lord and King. 3) Eager anticipation of the glory of His coming millennial reign on earth. 4) Endurance and perseverance in spite of difficult times.


John is going to share his ‘Vision of the Son of Man’.   It is a picture of who He is now, and what He will look like when we see Him.


Knee Mail:

Please add these items to your prayer list:

  • Pray for a friend of one our people who has cancer. It has travelled throughout her body. Pray for her, her husband and her son to come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for the restoration of a marriage.  For opportunity for them to have ‘Godly counsel
  • Leahann Charlebois (serious heart related problems)
  • Eric Barton (Recent heart surgery)
  • Family of Jerry Smith (Sharon Lysyj’s brother)
  • A widow to be able to have her rental unit vacated by a delinquent renter
  • A young man to find his way through anxiety and depression (Also for his mom to have answers for their needs)
  • Mr. T to grow close to the Lord (also for his family to come to faith
  • Pray for those who mourn, the lost, the lonely.  Pray for those who battle addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography…


Ask the Pastor:

Thank you for the questions and comments that allow us to look into God’s Word for answers to life’s questions.  Please continue to send all to the above email, or text (705) 255-1959



Our Sunday morning messages continue on line, and this week we will draw from the ‘Hymn Book of the Old Testament,’ Psalm 147.

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart


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