Revelation Revealed: Who Is This Beast?

Hello All,
Well it looks like the connectivity problem has been fixed.  It was a two sided monster…   one was due to a software update that I had to use my ‘secret weapon‘ to eradicate. (Many thanks Chris)  The other was a problem with the cable that runs along the baseboard, having had staples going through the cable.  The repair tech said it was a “ticking time bomb”.  Lord willing we will be alive and well tomorrow evening at 7 PM.
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst”.                        Mathew 18:20
There is something wonderful about unity.  I heard about a fellow who courted a girl by writing her a beautiful love letter every day for two years.  He thought that would be a great way to court her and win her heart.  But what happened was…       she married the mailman!!!  There is nothing like being there.
I hope you’ll be there, with us Wednesday evening at 7 as we look into the ‘Beast’ in revelation chapter 13. 
This Sunday morning we begin a new series in Matthew 5 in the ‘Instruction Manual for the Christian Life…           The Beatitudes.
Knee Mail:
We count it a privilege and welcome the opportunity to bring your prayer requests before the Throne of Heaven.  Please send along any you want to share.
In His grip.
Pastor Bill