Revelation Revealed: Who Is This Beast (Part 2)

In my message last week, I quoted Romans 8:1…  “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.”  

The key to living a victorious Christian life is to discover who you are in Christ.  Many Christians have never discovered this.  They remind me of the man who had an identity problem and an energy crisis at the same time.  He didn’t know who he was and he was too tired to find out.
God doesn’t work from the outside in, He works from the inside out.  God doesn’t modify our behaviour in order to change us. He changes us in order to modify our behavior.  The goal of our time in the Word, is application.  That’s the cry of my heart for each one of us, as we wind our way, week by week on Wed. evening and again on Sunday morning.
This week we will finish chapter 13, ‘Who Is This Beast’ (Part 2).  You can join us live at 7 PM on Wed., join in the chat if you wish, or watch later, according to your schedule.
The Sunday morning message is ‘up’ on the channel by 9 AM.  Our study right now is in the ‘Beatitudes‘, and this week ‘Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit‘, (Matt. 5:3)
Knee Mail:
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In His grip,
Pastor Bill