News from Bob & Vivian Sturgeon – June 2015

Dear Friends,
The countdown for our Haiti missions trip with Gaclom is ON! We will be in Haiti in about 6 weeks. There are 8 of us on the team; five from our church (Onward Gospel Church) and three from Ontario. We’ve had a few Skype meetings with the team from our church and 2 ladies and 1 man from Ontario. It’s been so nice connecting with the team, sharing, praying, before we even get to Haiti.
We look forward to this trip once again, doing evangelism and radio distribution. The people of Haiti need to hear the Gospel and there is no better way than to provide them with a solar powered, fixed-tuned radio! They get to listen to Christian radio all day long or listen the the Bible in their own language. That is SOOOO awesome! You can visit the Galcom website to see more about the radios We work with the local churches and leaders and after we have left Haiti, they do the follow-up. It is so nice to see how the Haitian people are open to the Gospel. The church is growing in Haiti and people ARE turning away from voodoo. But make no mistake, there is still a lot of voodoo in Haiti. The enemy is very present and very real! And this is one of the reasons we need to go and share with people; GOD is greater than voodoo and people need to turn to Christ! We covet your prayers as we go. We could not be any part of this awesome ministry without your prayers!
As a team, we ask that you would pray for us – that God would be preparing peoples hearts in Haiti right now. We know God has some divine appointments ready for us and we desire for many to come to Christ. Pray for us with regards to the heat. Last fall when we were there beginning of October, it was 105 degrees F (that’s about 40 C). Needless to say – it was HOT!!!!! Now we are going mid-August….meaning it will be just as hot if not hotter. We don’t want the heat to be a hindrance to our ministry, so please pray that we adjust well and are able to sleep well at night (very important!!!).Pray for good health and safety in our travels.

Not everyone’s support is in, so please pray that God would provide whatever is needed. As team leaders, we ask that you would be praying for us too. We need God’s wisdom and leading in all our decision making. Along with that, we pray for good team unity which is so important on a missions trip.
You will find attached our Prayer Flyer and our Support Flyer. We personally are still a bit short on our support, so if God leads you to help out, that would be greatly appreciated! Who would have thought that this would be our 6th time going to Haiti and 4th time leading teams!!!!! Unreal! Just goes to show us that God’s plans are NOT our plans, but they are always THE BEST plans! We get so excited for each trip and are so grateful God is using us in this way!
In the Prayer Flyer, you will see each day what we will be doing. Due to lack of space we could not write everything in the prayer flyer, but we sure could use your daily prayers as we go out. Hopefully the flyer will serve as a guide to help you better pray for us.
And so, this is a bit of what we are looking forward to. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers! It means so much to us! Until the next time,
blessings to you and your family! Smile
Love in Christ,
Bob and Vivian Sturgeon