…He cares for You!

Recently, I heard someone say, in a moment of frustration,  “Why is everything changing so quickly?” Have you ever had these moments? It sort of makes you wonder. In a world where it seems nearly everything is constantly changing, is there anything that stays the same??? There are some ‘unchangeables’ we need to hold on to.
1) The bottom line is that we need to be ‘centered in the Gospel and rooted in the Scriptures.’  That is something that can not change. 2) Another thing that must not change is our love for the Scriptures. The Bible is God’s inspired, infallible Word. His love letter to His people. 3) Finally, we need to maintain a ‘Pursuit of Christlikeness.’ We live in a world that is teaching us to be ‘hyper individualists‘ who are obsessed with self. The bible calls this ‘self-obsession‘ idolatry and sin. When we start to fear that ‘Everything is changing‘, we need to remember what Peter said “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)
Join us for worship Sunday morning as we continue in our ‘Journey Through John’s Gospel‘ with a message entitled ‘What Is The Father’s Will?. We are then sharing a ‘Pot Blessing‘ in the Fellowship Room. 
Sunday night it’s ‘Worship Wall To Wall‘ as we look at the Sabbath. 
Wednesday Matt and Sandra lead Pray Meeting and Bible Study looking at the ‘Character of Samuel
Knee Mail: Please let us know how we can pray for you and those you love.
Coming up…
Ladies Night Out (Monday @ 7)
Music Night (Feb. 5th. @7)
Men’s Fellowship (Sat. Feb. 11th. Chili Cook-off / LumberJack games. Leave from the church @ 10)
Baptism (Feb. 12th.)
In Christ alone,
Pastor Bill