Greetings all,

One of the greatest treasures of Christendom,  is a relatively unknown little book entitled ‘The Kneeling Christian’.  We don’t know a lot about the book, because the author, Albert Earnest Richardson, didn’t even want us tom know his name. He wrote it under the pseudonym… ‘ An Unknown Christian.’ Due to the fact that it has been reprinted in many languages, by many publishing houses, we know who the author is. It is available as a free download on several interweb sites.


The twelve short chapters deal with subjects like:

–       God’s Great Need

–       Almost Incredible Promises

–       How Shall I Pray

–       Must I Agonize?

–       Does God Always Answer Prayer?


One of the first insights to meet us in the Kneeling Christian is the observation that in the ‘Upper Room’ passages of John 13 – 16, Jesus invites us seven times to ask for anything in His name. The Saviour commands us to ask whatsoever we will. This is the greatest- most wonderful promise ever made. Yet most people practically ignore it.

We often reflect on the seven words from the cross, but have we ever spent time meditating on our Saviour’s sevenfold invitation to pray?


Here are a couple more quotes to wet your appetite:

–       “We can accomplish far more by our prayers than by our works…” Prayer is omnipotent. Think about it; it can do anything God can do. When we pray, God works! All fruitfulness in service is the outcome of prayer.

–       “The devil opposes our approach to God in prayer and does all he can to prevent the prayer of faith…” His main way of hindering us is to fill our minds with the thought of our needs, so that they won’t be occupied with the thoughts of God.


If you can find a copy of ‘The Kneeling Christian’, online or otherwise, grab it and read it slowly. A page or two each day with your devotions will turn you into its title.


This week is an opportunity for you to show your thankfulness. If you are joining us on Sunday morning, come prepared to share your heart of gratitude. We will be back to our series in John next week.


In His grip,

Pastor Bill