Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.                                                                                                                                     2nd. Timothy 2: 15
If we want lives to be sanctified and powerful in the Lord, we need to learn to be faithful in studying God’s Word.  Lets look at what I call the ‘Fourfold process of becoming a ‘Straight ‘A’ student: 
1) First of all we need to understand that The God of All is the Author.
2) We can then bow to the Authority of God’s Word,
3) We then resolve to make a serious Analysis of the bible
4) We then need to make a steadfast Application of the truths we learn, to our lives.
When we read His Word we need to remember to read poetry as poetry, prophecy as prophesy, promises as promises and precepts as precepts.  To love God is to keep His commandments and make them a part of our lives.  Inspiration without obedience will cause the Word of God to sour within us rather than energize us.  We need to put it into practice. 
Once again we get to look at what has been planned for the believer in the future. We hope you will be with us on our YouTube channel at 7 PM Wednesday, as we open chapter 22.
I don’t know if you are wondering if we are ever going to get through Matthew chapter 5, but this is the last message in the series on the Beatitudes.  I believe it will lead us into a time of worship around the ‘Lord’s Table’.  Join us Sunday morning after 9 AM.  Remember to have the emblems prepared.  Bread and Wine/Juice. We are looking forward to our time together.
Valley of Vision: 
Several years ago I picked up a book that has become part of my devotional life.  Compiled by Arthur Bennet, The Valley of Vision reveals the strength of Puritan character and life in prayer and meditation. It covers their writings from the middle of the 1700’s to the time of C.H. Spurgeon (Believed to be the last of the great Puritans.)  If you are interested, it is a free download.  Leather bound copies of the book are also available.
Because He lives,
Pastor Bill